Międzyzdroje is a beautiful town located on the picturesque Wolin Island on the Baltic Sea. Due to its unique landscape, the town is frequently visited by tourists from across the world.

One of the most famous attractions in Międzyzdroje is the Stars Promenade (Promenada Gwiazd) with imprints of hands left by renowned members of the Polish cultural scene (actors, directors, musicians). The Promenade was established in 1996 and to this day new memorial plaques are unveiled every year.

In our town there is also a 395 m long pier, which functions as a harbour.

Other places worth visiting in Międzyzdroje are:

Międzyzdroje is characterised by very sandy beaches and varied terrain - dunes, peat bogs, cliffs and moraine hills.

Moreover, both in the town and in the surrounding areas there are many natural monuments (including oaks and yews) and other monuments (churches, villas and guesthouses from 19th and 20th centuries). It is also worth mentioning that Międzyzdroje is located near the Wolin National Park.